How It Works?


To start, you need to signup with Auzuu. Go to the signup page and enter your name, email, mobile and password to create a free trial account and get started with auzuu.

Auzuu Dashboard

Once sign-up is successful, you will be automatcially logged into auzuu app and will be taken to ‘Dashboard’ screen.
Click ‘Add Case’ button to create your first case.

Add Case

From the dashboard, start by clicking ‘Add Case’ button. Enter client details like Respondent/Petitioner, client name, contact details etc. When ready, click ‘Next’ On next screen, select Law, Court, Case Type and other details. You can add custom Law Types, Court, Case Type by going to ‘Masters’ on the left navigation menu.

Add Hearing

Once the case is added, you will see a ‘Case Details’ page. Here you can add hearing by entering your remarks and selecting a date.

Hearing List & Alerts

After adding one or more hearings to a case, you will see list of hearings on the case page. Use ‘Send Alert’ button to send custom sms and/or email message to your client. You can also delete a hearing by clicking on ‘Delete’ button next to a particular hearing.

Change Status of Case

Once a case is decided, withdrawn or Reserved, you can change the case status. Click on ‘Status: Running’ button on the case details page. A popup will open where you can select date of change, status and enter your comments to update the status.

View List of Cases

To view list of all cases, click on ‘Running Cases’ from the left navigation menu. Similarly, you can see ‘Decided Cases’, ‘Reserved Cases’ and ‘Withdrawn Cases’ by clicking on ‘Closed Cases’ on left navigation menu.

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