Cancellation & Refunds

About Billing
Your Auzuu account is billed on a prepaid basis.
Upon signup, we credit an amount (equal to one-month’s subscription fee) to your account.
The subscription charges are debited to your account on a daily basis.
Apart from subscription, charges for SMS and E-Mail sent using Auzuu are also debited to your account on daily basis.
Your account remains active as long as there is a balance in your account.

Account Deactivation
Once the balance in your prepaid account becomes zero, your account is deactivated.
You may still be able to login and use Auzuu for a few more days after deactivation.
We will alert you by e-mail and/or SMS once your account enters deactivation state.
You are requested to recharge your account immediately to continue using the services. The access can stop anytime after your account is deactivated.

You can stop using Auzuu anytime.
The subscription charges keep deducting from your account until balance in your account is exhausted.
Subscription charges stop applying once your account is deactivated.

In case you have a credit balance in your account and wish to take a refund of the same, please follow below process:

  • Write to us at with your intent to stop using Auzuu.
  • Send the above mail from your registerd e-mail address.
  • Allow us 3 working days to settle your account. We may contact you if more information is required to process the refund.
  • Kindly note that any balance below INR 1,000 in your account will not be refunded.